Creative Agency

Welcome to The Metis Zone

Named in honor of Metis, the goddess of ideas, we were founded in order to help organizations of all sizes craft legendary customer experiences. We can help you at any stage of developing that experience. From generating the initial “big idea”, and fine-tuning your ultimate target audience, to developing a messaging & creative strategy that will inspire them to become loyal customers and brand advocates. Digital. Direct. Email. Print. Even Telemarketing. Whatever channel you are using–we’ve been there, done that. (We can even help train your staff on the creative development process itself and help you implement and fine tune that process).


We can build you a new site from scratch or update your current one. If budget is a concern, we can build it in WordPress and teach your team how to make future updates.


Taglines, marketing collateral, social media content, websites, print ads. Whatever you need to communicate, we can make sure your ideas get through to your target.


We have a full service video production team that includes copy, project management, production and editing.


We can help you with creative ways to get your team to *really* brainstorm, as well as creating training materials themselves. Need a venue? We can help coordinate that as well.


Need help wrangling the troops and avoiding the chaos? With more than 25 years of experience delivering thousands of projects on time, we can help you “get it done”!


No matter which channel or medium your target is using, our team of copy writers and designers can create the integrated multi-channel program you need to meet and exceed your results.